It’s hard.

It’s hard.

Yes it is.

It’s hard to stay strong in the face of adversity

It’s hard to count it all joy

It’s hard to power through when you really want to quit

It’s hard to be the bigger person

It’s hard to not let it get it you

It’s hard to say you’re sorry when it really wasn’t your fault

It’s hard to fight when you really don’t want to

It’s hard to stay strong when all you feel is weakness

It’s hard to smile through the pain

It’s hard.

But we are meant to do these things anyway

They say we should’t pray for things to get easier; rather we should pray for the strength to make it through the tough times

But it is hard

Sometimes we just have to admit it is hard

I am not saying we won’t do it

But let us be true to ourselves

Let us say it as it is

It is hard

Sometimes very hard

Sometimes extremely hard

But we power through

Somehow we make it through to the other side

Somehow we swim across the angry ocean

Somehow we climb that rocky mountain

Somehow we fight our way to freedom

Somehow we do it

And that is great.

But allow us the opportunity to at least admit that during the process, it is hard.

I think it helps

It is better than lying to ourselves

sometimes not admitting something is the same as calling it what it is not

I am rambling

It is because I am currently finding it hard

I know someone else is too

And for a long time we have been trying not to admit it

But I am sure it’s okay for us to admit

Let us acknowledge this difficulty and then continue to move on

It is hard but we won’t stop

We will still fight

We will still smile

We will still swim

We will still laugh

We will still try

It is hard

But we will do it.

Write soon. xx


3 thoughts on “It’s hard.

  1. Was thinking about this the other day. Why must we always have to carry on in and be tough in every situation. Sometimes I actually do not want to be strong, I want to be weak, I want to just live like there’s no rules I have to follow to be “a human”. Sometimes I actually don’t want to be understood. Maybe it’ll be less hard to deal with. Amazing post by the way 🙂

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    1. It’s exactly what got me to write this post. It’s almost as hard to pretend to be strong as it is to be beaten by what’s making us weak. But it’s like we’ve been told we have to be strong so much we’re scared to show how we really feel.
      Thanks for your comment.

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  2. You know that feeling when you’ve put off going to church for ages and you somehow convince yourself to go that Sunday and all of a sudden it seems like the pastor has had you under surveillance because everything they’re saying is just on freaking point with what you’re going through?! Well, that’s what I just experienced reading this post! Thanks Tomi.

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