Unicorn Train

Unicorn Train

Raise your hands if you are waiting for something you can’t quite describe.

*Imagines thousands of hands raised across an imaginary lecture hall*

Not only have I been waiting for that thing, I have been waiting so much so that I’m almost not living in my current life.

Let me paint a picture:

It is as though I have walked out of my body, gone to sit at a train station watching trains go by, but waiting for that bright colored one with unicorn ears and a unicorn tusk attached to the front; and with everyone on it singing cute songs and waving like they just don’t care. (I know I overdid the description – but you get my point).

So anyway, whilst I’ve walked away from my body, I am almost not present in my current life, failing to live everyday, and forgetting that everyday is in fact my life. I am busy waiting for some grande amazement at a later date. And when each day passes that I don’t see my Unicorn train, I die a little inside. Because to me, that is all that matters.

Related image

I’m sure someone gets this.

Write soon. xx


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