Dealing with Demons

Dealing with Demons

I like to refer to struggles as demons. This way, I envision struggles as little beings / minions that disturb our preferred disposition from time to time.

Everyone has a demon they battle with on and on but some people’s demons are greater than others’.

You think of your demon as the most difficult thing to deal with and then you hear about someone else’s and you’re like, ‘I might just have a bug tbh’.

My thoughts are all over the place – I thought I could come and put some of it down here but it seems stuck.

Let me tell you what I call a demon

To me, a demon is a vice that latches on to you and causes you to act in ways that are socially unacceptable. This is half a definition I think. A demon can be a bunch of stuff. But for this purpose of this post, we’ll use that definition.

Sometimes demons cause us to do more than just act unacceptably, they sometimes cause us to be disruptive.

I think we all have demons

Anger, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gossip, Shame, Confusion, Insecurity, Pain, Fear, Grief, and so on

Some demons are bigger than others even if they are the same kind of demon

Point: people are struggling.

They have these demons that take over them

Some don’t even know it

Some do and they want so desperately to be free of it

People struggle with demons everyday

and it is never our place to judge them

Think of your demon – we all know at least one

It’s a battle

The other day people were bitterly complaining about someone who acted in a particular way that just basically irritated everyone. I also found the behavior quite irritating. But in the middle of that banter I stopped and realized two things:

1. This person might not even know that they had a behavior that needed changing.

2. They might have been struggling with that particular behavior for a long time and trying desperately to be free from it.

But all we saw was it’s manifestation and it had us all appalled.

I don’t know if you get what I mean.

A lot of times we see things play out but fail to acknowledge the back work that may have gone into minimizing that “play out” we can see.

Sometimes people act in certain ways not because they want to, but as I said earlier, the struggle overtakes them and they can’t help it.

I think the point of this all, is that at different points in our lives we must accept that demons will present themselves in different ways through different people.

Not saying we should accept bad behavior, but we must acknowledge that this is a vice that a person sometimes has no say over whether or not it affects them.

The only thing we can hope is that they know they have a demon and that they are working hard at being free of it.

Write soon xx

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