You’re the only one you’re sure of

You’re the only one you’re sure of

… and even that isn’t guaranteed

Think about 2 people in a relationship

Any relationship at all

Imagine you are one of those two people

Imagine it’s a friendship

For someone to be your friend, it is assumed that both of you like something about each other.

Now think about this:

You know what you like about the other person

Do you know what they like about you?

You know why you’re friends with that person

Do you know why they are friends with you?

I mean, they may tell you these things.

But do you know for sure ?

Do you know if it’s the truth ?

Now let’s imagine it’s a romantic relationship

Ever heard the sayings:

“feelings fade”

“People change”

“Growing apart”

What do they suggest?

That most things are fleeting

Now let me get to my point

I’m not really sure my intro has adequately led up to my point; but let’s get there anyway

When you’re in a relationship with someone, whatever form, the only person you are sure of is yourself

The only feelings you are sure exist are those you have

The only reasons your are sure of are the ones you have

The only words you are sure of are the ones you say

I’m not a relationship expert

In fact I’m so far from it

But I had this thought a couple of months ago

And I thought; you are actually the only person you can count on to work at making a relationship work

I’m not sure if I put that right

Here’s what I’m saying:

In a relationship you can only ever strive to be a better version of yourself everyday so as to sustain that relationship while feelings are fading and people are changing

Simply because the only person’s attitude you are in control of is yours

My point is not so far away from the popular point which states that you cannot change a person as much as you may try to.

I had a realization while typing this:

Imagine if everyone came into a relationship with this mindset

“I have to make this work”

“I have to be a better version of myself everyday”

I think relationships would be better

I may be wrong

But you get my point.

Write soon xx

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