Running, Not Moving.

Running, Not Moving.


I remember one day a couple of years ago; my friend and I were heading to the cinema to see a movie.

He was a couple of meters ahead of me as I had stopped to send a text.

He looked back and said “Hurry up, we are going to miss the movie”.

I proceeded to run.

After a few seconds running towards him, he burst out laughing saying “how do you do that?”.

I was confused. “Do what?” I asked, “I am running”.

His laughter increased; “no you’re not” he said, “your body takes the form of someone who is running but you are not actually moving faster”.

LoL! *sigh*

Can you imagine the nerve on that guy?

Anyway, the incident just reminds me of how I have felt for most of 2018.

I likened it to feeling like a Hamster on a Hamster wheel at some point.

Image result for hamster running on wheel cartoon

Have you ever felt like you’re running, exerting so much energy, but not actually moving?

Running, not moving.

I guess I was better off in my story because I was actually moving; just not fast enough according to my friend.

Running, not moving.

Sounds crazy right? Slightly depressing too.

But somehow, that seems to have been my Mode of Operation (MO) this year. Well, not my M.O, (because I doubt someone would actually choose such an M.O), but the resulting effect of whatever my M.O was.

Running, not moving (RNM).

Let me use this beautiful opportunity to make reference to my favourite quote ever:

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all” – Peter Drucker.

Doesn’t that quote just melt perfectly into the theory of running but not moving?

To run means you are putting in even more energy than walking. Then to realise that you aren’t even moving. *sigh*

Where am I going with this post? (I am not sure tbh).

For those who said yes when I asked if the RNM syndrome was familiar, what are we doing wrong?

Are we doing what Mr. Drucker described? Doing what ought not to be done?

What can we do differently?

To be honest, I am seeing the light now as I type this post.

Looking back at 2018, I don’t think I was really intentional about anything. What better way to feel like you’re not moving when you’re not moving towards anything in particular?

“Intentionality”  (I know it’s not a word) was definitely missing. Strategy too.

But you know what was great about 2018? I had a LOT of realizations.

If I didn’t do anything in 2018, I definitely took note of all the things I should have been doing. I think that’s a good start. *shrugs*

By the way, this isn’t one of those planning for the new year posts.

As my faithful readers know, I typically just write how I feel in the moment. It’s usually freshly baked, honest stuff. LoL!

I digress.

Running, not moving.

How do we become more intentional?

How do we plan for a better experience?

What do we do so that even if all we decide to do is walk, we still make progress?

Let’s talk.

Help me.

I don’t know the answer. But what I do know is that I want to mooooooveeee.

Do you?

Write soon. xx

2 thoughts on “Running, Not Moving.

  1. You’re on the right path by being intentional. Set a goal and make some short term & long term plans. I read somewhere that the act of planning is more important than the plan. Good luck to all of us that are running, not moving

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