Pick a Date.

Pick a Date.

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“Pick a date then work backwards”.

My Boss says this all the time.

I work in a Unit in HR where we plan and deliver trainings. I never thought it would be hard. But as it is with everything involving logistics and many other people besides yourself, planning and delivering trainings is hard and annoying.

I digress.

Do you know why he always said to pick a date? It’s because psychologically if you set a date for something, you sort of do everything within your power to make sure you are ready for that date. Especially when it involves stakeholders other than yourself.

Why am I talking about this?

My Boss’ advice as annoying as it always is, is always super helpful.

It makes things happen.

Personally, I feel that without this advice, I would never have accomplished half the things I have accomplished while working with him.

Anyway this is not a write up about my Boss.

It’s about you and me. It’s about us and why we never get around to doing the things we really want to do.

What is fear?

Fear is a feeling you choose to have.

To be honest it really isn’t a thing.

I have this friend who I think isn’t afraid of anything. He probably is afraid of somethings but I don’t know what they are so they don’t count.

I am afraid of everything.

I used to say beside the definition of fear in the dictionary, you would probably see my face there.

Fear has been bad to me but I won’t lie, it has also been good to me.

I think I shouldn’t start writing about fear . I should save it for another post.

I haven’t written in a while. I am so surprised that I have a lot to say. LOL.

Let’s go back to picking a date.

So why should we pick a date?

Everything that can be done, can be done.

Get it?

If it is possible, it can be done. So it can happen the day you say it will happen.

That’s why he didn’t set the dates for us. (Most times anyway)

He let us pick the dates ourselves.

What this means is if he says, “when can you get this done?” and you come back with a date, it is assumed that you have factored in several considerations in coming up with that date and that you can make whatever it is happen by then. Unless of course you just blotted out a random date.

Okay so why haven’t you thought about this?

It’s a lot easier to plan and plan and overthink everything about what you want to do, analyse all the reasons why it can’t happen within the next week than to just pick a date.

If you have something to do and you are certain it cannot happen in the next 5 Days. Select the 6th day and let it happen then.

You see what I’m saying?

Don’t let your plans unravel into a mystery answer. Pick a date and let your plans lead you to that date.

A date is like a target. If you do not have one, you will keep shooting and there’ll be no way to determine whether or not you’re on track or if you are on to something.

Still doubting this write up? Trust me Hun, you need to pick a date.

Try it.

You will be grateful you did.

I feel I could have done more with this post but eh.

Pick a date.

Write soon. xx

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