Psst! Wanna Know a Secret?

Psst! Wanna Know a Secret?

“We all have secrets”. We’ve heard this a million and one times!

I’ve always felt like I wanted to know things…

You know those “What if” questions that come up every now and then and end with “Would you want to know?” or “would you want to be told?”

I guess I had a few “No’s” to these sort of questions but deep down I always wanted to know things.

I felt like it was better if things were just out in the open rather than having to wonder; Is this happening or is this not happening.

“It’s better to just know” I always said.

I’m getting to my point 🙂

Anyway, we would agree that 9 out of 10 times if someone whispered in our ears; “Wanna know a secret?” our answer would be “Yes!”

That 1 time we say no is usually when we have an idea of what the secret might be and are scared to know the truth.

The question that leads to the 1 time we say no is hardly ever phrased as “Wanna know a secret?”

It’s usually more like “I have something to tell you.” DA DA DA DOOM *Insert other tense music here*

I’m still getting to my point, be patient.

There are these other times when we’re not even searching for anything and a secret falls right on your laps.

You either respond as the person who wants to know things or you walk away.

“Walk away????” Who are we kidding? We would dig right in.

Oh? We don’t? Alright then? Lets stick to that story.

But when we do dig, for those of us who will, what do we do when we find what we find?

What do we do with the realization of this secret?

What do you do when a realization shatters the essence someone has built with you?

What do we do then?

Secrets.. better left unsaid or not?

Do secrets do more harm when they are out in the open or when they are kept hidden?

How was the term secret even coined?

Who said things had to be hidden?

Write soon xx

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