“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt” – stolen from The Fault in our Stars.

I wasn’t even thinking about the movie when this phrase popped in my mind a few hours ago.
But what is realer than this phrase?
We can hide our pain from others, pretend it’s not there just so people leave us alone
But we feel it.
It’s there.
We know it is.
Pain is real and it’s not just the kind gotten from a bite , or a bruise , or a beating , or an accident.
Pain comes in all sorts of forms.
I think the worst kind is the emotional pain.
The pain that cannot be described
The pain you cannot rate on a scale
The pain you cannot describe to your physician
The pain that cannot be analyzed
The pain that others think is false
The pain that others can never comprehend
The pain that only you can understand
Yes, I think that’s the worst kind.
These pains exist
They may not be happening to us
But it is being felt by so many around us:
That person that can never seem to get his act together
That other person that is “always forming depressed”
That other person that has gone mute because they’d rather be silent than have to ever speak about the pains they experience
That other person who you “never know what’s going on with”
And that ‘other other’ person too.
 It’s out there
This pain is immense
I myself do not completely understand it
 But I have been “privileged” (I used that word very lightly as I am unsure as to whether or not it is in fact a privilege) to imagine, simply imagine the pain of another
 Show love.
There’s already too much pain in the world
Please show love; that person needs it
They need it like they need their very lives
Please show love.
You already do?
Show some more.
You think they’re taking the piss?
Let them.
Show some more love .
They don’t seem to want it?
Show some more love
Please show love. There’s already too much pain in the world.
Write soon xx

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