What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

We see people everyday

We see them smile, we see them frown, we see them happy, we see them sad

We see people everyday

We see people smile and we wonder “what makes this heart sing?”

We see people sad and we wonder “what makes this heart cry?”

It’s difficult getting my thoughts together…

I’ve been thinking lately about happiness

Who am I kidding? I think about happiness  all the time… I mean the name of this space …lol

But anyway, what drives happiness makes me wonder a whole lot

and when I’m feeling “unhappy” as it were, I wonder if I’m alone

or if the reason for my apparent unhappiness is warranted or valid

Then I try to think of other people to give myself a reason not to be unhappy

I say things like:

‘I bet a thousand and one people are worse off than me and I don’t see them sulking over it’

‘People have worked shitty jobs for years and they’re still holding on’

‘People are married to people they detest and they find a way around it’

‘…So what’s my problem?’

Is that the best way to snap out of my feeling of “unhappiness”?

I don’t know.

But I do know this: It NEVER works *shrugs*

So back to square one. lol

A smile does not necessarily mean that a person is happy

Hmmn I just thought of something

Happiness and Contentment?



Derivatives of one another?

I think contentment drives happiness

I cannot seem to write a coherent post

I cannot end the post but I really want to write.

You can end this.. Feel free to. I’ve tried.

Write soon xx

One thought on “What makes you happy?

  1. It’s a unique experience for different people I guess. Everyone does not draw from the same well for happiness and that must explain why it gets even more complicated to be a copycat instead of searching for your own source.

    Painfully, some people may never find theirs; they will ride on the back of the horses of others. Let me stop here before it gets even more complicated.


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