That fairy tale love

That fairy tale love

I’ve been listening to and falling in love with Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran’s song – “I was made for loving you”

The lyrics to that song as so simple yet so deep (you may not think so)

Anyway I think the song is absolutely beautiful

Then I got to thinking  about the way love is depicted in movies and songs of this kind

Why is it only applicable in the movies

Why is it too much to ask

Anyway I don’t think it has to be

I’m delusional right?

I don’t care.

Here’s what I desire:

To be loved deeply

To be loved wholly or not at all

To have that fairy-tale love that seems to only exist in the movies

To love without a shred of doubt

To love and not question the love of the one you love

To love completely

To love without fear

To love without questions

To love freely

To love openly

To love graciously

To love deeply

To be loved deeply ( I know I said it before)

To be honest I want that fairy tale love

Am I the only one?

Write soon xx



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