Why do you love me?

Why do you love me?

It’s hard enough to say “I love you”

Harder to think of why we love a person

Harder still to have to explain it

It’s magical when someone tells us they love us


It gives the sense that the certain person has chosen us out of many to express this distinct feeling

It makes us feel special

Don’t deny it, it does.

But when we say we love someone, do we know why?

Have you thought about it?

I have.

Is “I love you” the phrase we say just to make the receiving party feel comfortable?

Is it a phrase we say just to give ourselves a reason to stay?

Or is it a phrase we come to say out of habit?

Do we have reasons why we love?

Do we know the reasons why?


For those of us who wait for a certain realization or occurrence before we say those 3 words, do we really know what we are waiting for?

And for those of us who just blurt out the words, what pushes us?

Should there be a reason why we love?

Does it make it “more real” when we have a reason?

Or does it in fact, suggest an ingenuity of the expression when we have to think of reasons why?

There’s this song by Major – Why I love you

I thought it would introduce me to one of the deeper reasons why people love

But it still left me wondering

The chorus goes – This is why I love you, ooh this is why I love you, because you love meee, you love meeee…. 🙂 🙂

It doesn’t give me the answer I’m looking for

It’s still a sweet song

He goes on to say other sweet little things like “Every moment that you smile chases all the pain away” – you know these things

I absolutely love it though.

I’m  sucker for love – but even I am not completely sure what love is

Not even sure I’ve felt it before

Every time someone says the phrase “I love you” … my default response is why?

What made you switch from just liking to loving me

Something had to drive that shift

What was it? What is it?

I guess love is undefinable

Maybe it’s meant to be that way


This Post reminds me of an older one – What is Love?

Write soon xx





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