My Drafts

My Drafts

I went in my drafts this morning. I found 13 unfinished posts! 13!

I’m not a writer.

I knew that already.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to post those unfinished and incoherent posts.

Do with it what you may…

I’m sure it makes some sense

and if it doesn’t , I’m sorry to have wasted your time.

Here goes nothing …

This is going to be one hell of a long post…


“We all have secrets”. We’ve heard this a million and one times!

I’ve always felt like I wanted to know things…

You know those “What if” questions that come up every now and then and end with “Would you want to know?” or “would you want to be told?”

I guess I had a few “No’s” to those sort of questions but deep down I always wanted to know things.

I felt like it was better if things were just out in the open rather than having to wonder: “Is this happening or is this not happening?”

“It’s better to just know” I always said.

I’m getting to my point 🙂

Anyway, we would agree that 9 out of 10 times if someone whispered in our ears; “Wanna know a secret?” our answer would be “Yes!”

That 1 time we say no is usually when we have an idea of what the secret might be and are scared to accept it.

That 1 time is hardly ever phrased as “Wanna know a secret?”

It’s usually more like “I have something to tell you.” DA DA DA DOOM *Insert other tense music here*

I’m still getting to my point, be patient.

Anyway, There are these other times when you’re not even searching for anything and a secret falls right on your laps.

You either respond as the person who wants to know things or you walk away.

“Walk away????” Who are we kidding? We would dig right in.

Oh? We don’t? Alright then… Lets stick to that story… *wink*

What do you do when a realization shatters the essence of someone you know?

The end of an unfinished post.


Decision Making – I’m so intrigued by this

What drives people’s decisions?

What drives yours – fear?

When you’re making a decision what’s usually the deciding factor?

The end of another unfinished post.


We were discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

It says you get motivated this way – Get your Physiological Needs sorted out first, next your security needs, then your social needs, then your esteem needs and then finally, your Self – Actualization Needs.

That’s apparently how you graduate through the motivation ranks. That’s how desire for motivation evolves.

But I ask, “is this how it really works?”

Workplace or not?

The end of an unfinished post.

I think you get it now, the last line before a number is the end of an unfinished post…I will stop writing that now. 🙂


For the first time in my life…I see love.

This post has NOTHING to do with me finding love.

I just miss Mike and Molly is all 🙂

(This post had, not really)


I made a friend

An unexpected friend in an unexpected way

I made a friend and in just over a month they were already one of my best

(Don’t even remember why I wrote this. sigh)

[A line in brackets at the end of an unfinished post are my present thoughts]


Everyone has a demon they battle with on and on but some people’s demons are greater than others’.

You think of your demon as the most difficult thing to deal with and then you hear about someone else’s and you’re like, ‘I might just have a minion tbh’.

Hmmn this morning is a weird kind of morning… I woke up with a lot on my mind.

My thoughts are all over the place – I thought I could come and put some of it down here but it seems stuck.

Let me tell you what I call a demon

To me, a demon is a vice that latches on to you and causes you to act in ways that are socially unacceptable

Sometimes more than just unacceptable, sometimes disruptive

I think we all have demons

Anger, Lust, Envy, Pride, Fear,…and so on

Some demons are bigger than others even if they are the same kind of demon

Some people are struggling

They have these demons that take over them

Some don’t even know it

Some do and they want so desperately to be delivered from it

People struggle with demons everyday

and it is never our place to judge them

Think of your demon – we all know at least one

It’s a battle

(This post had potential for real)


I haven’t been writing

I haven’t been motivated

I haven’t had time

I haven’t been doing much of anything else

I haven’t been seeing friends

I haven’t been going out

I have been working

I have been sleeping

I have been eating



If you are anything like me then you would have a sh*t load of information swirling in your head that you honestly wish you never knew.

You know, those bits of information that make you think, make your tummy hurt, make you wonder what if.

as much as we hate to admit it, some of us are actively waiting for “him”.

You’re sitting by yourself…

Wondering why he’s taking so long.

Wondering if he would ever come along

wondering if he took one look of you and ran in the other direction

Wondering if he just decided not to show up

Or worst of all wondering if you had him already and let him slip right through your fingers.

Some of these are the thoughts you have when you are sitting at the bar waiting for a blind date.

Man A walks in the door and your like ‘is this him?’

no, thank you; or

oh, hottie approaching; or

uhm, well I guess he’s okay; or

Oh god! no! this can’t be him

These thoughts aren’t peculiar to just sitting at the bar waiting for a date, this is actually what happens when we meet guys in real life.

Sometimes we have thought A and we never even bother with the person. Sometimes we have the same thought and we make the conscious effort to give it a go.

Sometimes we have thought B and we are more than ready to dive in – and sometimes this isn’t always the best choice.

Now here’s the scary part

(I was ashamed of this post at the beginning…but its real stuff, no?)



I really want to write but I’m not feeling very inspired

But I still want to write so I’ll go right ahead

(LoL… No wonder this feeling was familiar)


I’m too ashamed to post the other 4.

Hopefully the next time I post it would be a complete and coherent post.

In the meantime, enjoy, or not.

Write soon xx




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