Growing up is a trap… don’t let me scare you but it is

If you’re a “new” adult I’m sure you know what I mean

No one tells you how it’s gonna be

You sit in class and you’re like I can’t wait till I start working and I don’t have to think about these damn lectures and assignments

Here’s what I say – enjoy those “damn lectures and assignments” they are probably one of the easiest things you’re gonna have to deal with

Growing up …

It creeps up on you.

One morning you wake up and you have to find a job

Or else you can’t survive

Why do I suddenly need a job you ask; I lived the 20 odd years of my life without one and I got on just fine

Or you might say:

Ohh I want a job. I want to be a working class lady with my designer heels and bags strutting to work like the rock star I know I am.

I say cool cool.

Where do I start?

Is it the countless job applications you make

Or the shit paying job you finally get after body breaking assessment and interview stages

Or is it the Years you wait before you start to say , you know what I’ll do anything just give me a damn job

Or is it the salary that’s never enough

Is it swapping those dream designer heels for high street flats and any bag that will fit all the crap you have to take to work everyday


Don’t let me scare you but growing up is hard


We’ve heard this word a lot.

“You have to endure”

This statement becomes recurring when you become an adult

‘Cause trust me hun, endurance is everything and more in your adult life.

It comes up when you’re making those countless job applications

It comes up when you get that shit job that pays you peanuts

It comes up when you get that shit job that pays you loads

It comes up when you get that okay job that pays you okay

It comes up when your boss is an asshole and you have to just deal

It comes up when your colleague will do anything to get your ass fired

It comes up when the guy you love is acting like a you know what

It comes up when all your friends are getting engaged and you can’t remember the last time a guy said hello

It comes up when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you want to do is get ready for work

It comes up when your trying to explain something to your aged mother and she’s just not getting it

It comes up when you want to punch your boss in the face (please don’t do it, even though you really want to – it never ends well lol)


This is the watch word for adult life

We’re all holding on to it

It gets better

Write soon xx

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