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It’s bound to happen

I hated it

I stepped into it and I couldn’t wait to get out

It was killing me

I woke up everyday praying for it to end

Asking myself why I made this decision

I could have stayed put and let things fall in place in their own time

How could something that so many people deal with so easily be  killing me?

I absolutely hated it

The thought of it alone gave me a piercing headache that almost never went away

I went to see the doctor

“I’m in pain, I’m unwell I don’t know why”

The doctor took my vitals, asked me questions, did some tests

The doctor turned and said to me, “You need to condition your mind to like it here.”

“Are you kidding me??? I said I’m in pain!”

“What does the mind have to do with it, yet alone this conditioning you speak of?”

“You don’t like it here and your body knows it”, he said to me

I left in anger

I woke up the next day

Still in pain

My eyes were spinning, my head was banging

“Its morning for crying out loud. How can I be in so much pain already?”

You need to condition your mind to like it here”

Those words rang in my head – what did they mean?

‘I hated it’

What did I hate?

I hated being here, I realized

I hadn’t accepted this environment

And my body had joined my mind to revolt against it

So I began to “condition” my mind

I began to tell myself it was okay to leave my comfort zone

It was okay to do something different

It was okay to experience change

It was okay to try something new

It was okay  to be here

I’m beginning to get it

I’m beginning to feel like I belong here

I’m beginning to like it here

I’m stronger now

I’ve done things I never would have imagined

I’ve accepted change

I think I’m fine with Lagos now

Abuja will always be my first love though 🙂

Write soon xx



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