I’m okay…

I’m okay…

Kind of like “I’m fine” but my version.

We say I’m fine so much we start to believe we are.

I never do anyway.

I know how not fine I am yet the rate at which I respond with the words “I’m okay” when asked about my general well being or whatever shocks me.

I can hear myself lying and I can’t stop it. I feel like it’s the right thing to do.

To be honest it’s the easiest.

Or is it really?

Why do we say we’re fine when we really aren’t?

Is it safe?

Who do we say it to?

Do we choose?

When do we say the truth?

Do we ever?

What is the truth?

Do we even know?

Are we “fine”?

If we aren’t is it okay to be honest about it Everytime? (Without seeming like a downer?)

When we’re not okay, what’s wrong? Can we tell people what it is? Is that why we lie?

Sigh… So many questions.

I’m okay btw was just wondering about these things 🙂

Write soon. xx