Today? Maybe Tomorrow…

Today? Maybe Tomorrow…

I was with today after struggling so hard to get over yesterday . 
Today and I were having an amazing time.
My heart was melting from the love I got from today. 
I started to feel like yesterday wasn’t so amazing after all.
I was falling in love with today like I had never done before. 
Today was good to me .
I held today begged it never to let me go. 
It felt so good to be in today’s arms.
Then today offered me a gift. I was excited. 
It was a piece of clothing today had acquired years ago. But I didn’t mind, all that mattered was that today was giving me a part of itself. 
But then I recalled something – today had given this same article to its yesterday.
Today wanted to dress me up as its yesterday.
I had moved on from yesterday but today was still there.
Today was not today . 
It had only pretended to be . 
It didn’t depend on me to get over my yesterday , because today was still in love with its.
It was not enough that I had gotten over yesterday because today was still clinging on. 
So I reluctantly take a step back from today.
Maybe tomorrow would be better …

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