End of another year…

End of another year…

God has been good. So good. I am extremely grateful. 

It’s sad that somehow through the course of a year we tend to focus on all the things that have gone wrong and forget about the many blessings we have acquired.

I’ll admit, when I picked up my phone to write this post, it wasn’t actually to give thanks. I actually picked it up with the aim of whining about something that had gone wrong. But then plans changed I guess, thank God for that.

This year I’ve had two sad endings but I’ve also had two very happy endings.  

I remember when I had the first sad ending – I thought I would never get over how burnt I was. But I did. And today I am so grateful for that ending. 

A few weeks ago I had another sad ending and eventhough it still feels like one of those ones – the ones you think you’ll always be sad about, I know the time is coming when I would be grateful for that ending too. 

So this is what I’m gonna do now, think about the time when this situation that seems so pathetic and so important, would mean very little compared to the blessings that came after it. I know it’s easier said than done. But think about it. Think about that annoying/frustrating thing that happened earlier this year that you thought you would never get over, how much does it matter now? Probably not that much. I know in some cases it still matters quite a bit. But you know mostly, it fades away and it’s usually overshadowed by something better.

I’m rambling. I guess it’s coz honestly I’m still at that point where “it” still matters quite a bit lol . But as it’s said – “This too shall pass.”

So yeah, back to thanks giving .  

There’s so much to be grateful for. One of the things I’m thankful for is being able to start this space and being able to write stuff as often as I do. No matter how long I do this for, I’ll forever be grateful for the grace to take that first step.

I’m grateful for life and love. This year has taught me so much about love. I didn’t realise it until now. 

All in all. It has been a very full year.  And I’m grateful to God for everything that went into it.

I guess I just really wanted to write something today. Doesn’t make too much sense now. •+• but yeah… 

Grateful for 2015 looking forward to starting 2016 on a squeaky clean slate.

I’ll probably write a more coherent post about the year before the 1st.

Write soon! xx

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