What is Love?

What is Love?

How do we know when it’s love?

Is it from the butterflies in our belly?

Is it from the intense attraction we feel towards the other person?

Is it from our unwavering desire to be there for the other person come what may?

Is it just a feeling?

Is it a physical feeling – like is there some sort of stimuli you get when you’re in love?

Is it spiritual?

What is it? I always wonder

Have I been in love before and didn’t know it?

Maybe not, coz people say you’ll know when you’re in love. No one will tell you. “You just know”, they say.

But what’s the difference between reallyyyy reallyyyyyy liking a person and loving a person?

Why do people act all “loved up” but crumble when it’s time to say the words; ‘I love you’?

When you love someone and it doesn’t work out with them, what happens to that love (Carrie asked this on Sex and the City- and quite frankly I wonder about that)?

Can you love more than one person in a lifetime? Are we allowed to ?

Can you love more than one person in the same year, month, week, or even day?

It’s sooo easy to say we love our friends & family but once it’s a romantic interest we are zipped tight.

What is love?

When do you know it’s love?

Why is it called love?

Who said it had to be different from plain old simple ‘like’?

I’m just curious really 🙂

Write soon! xx

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