…journey to the ‘real world’

…journey to the ‘real world’

I recall my excitement as I concluded my final year at the university.

I recall all the beautiful ideas I had about how life would be after I was done – when I faced the real world.

I recall fantasizing with my friends about the real world.

I recall my decision to stay back in the UK and look for a job.

I recall the countless job applications.

I recall SHL test center.

I recall mock interview pages.

I recall phone and video interviews.

I recall the prayers.

I recall fear.

I recall hope.

I recall when I was at the verge of getting my dream job.

I recall the glimpses of my ‘would be’ life – Heading to work in the fashion industry, after work drinks with colleagues, going back to my condo after work to meet my Lhasa, and then sitting on my comfy beautiful red couch with a cup of tea and  watching one of my favorite TV shows before I finally went to bed.

I recall all the beautiful thoughts I had – “Oh the real world will be awesome, I can’t wait”.

*Insert anticlimactic movie sound here*

I recall the email I received that said I did not get  my apparent dream job.

I recall the heart break.

I recall the decision to move back to Nigeria.

I recall the SMSes I sent and phone calls I made to my friends and family telling them of my decision.

I recall the shock.

I recall telling myself this was a better choice.

I recall giving away almost all my stuff.

I recall trying to fit 5 years of my life into two suitcases and one hand luggage.

I recall the day I left.

I recall the video I made.

I recall my friend coming to pick me up.

I recall the journey to the airport.

I recall check-in.

I recall leaving my Simpsons toaster (I had sworn to take it with me wherever I went since the day I got it 4 years ago) behind at the airport because my suitcase was too heavy by just 1 kg.

I recall the mean metrosexual guy at the Check-in counter who wouldn’t just let that 1 kg slide.

I recall waving goodbye to my friend and my brother.

I recall the obnoxious Indian guy that sat next to on the plane.

I recall my text message to my brother: “Why don’t I ever get to sit next to a good looking guy”.

I recall the flight back.

I recall airplane food (which I didn’t mind at all).

I recall arrival.

I recall the stench of the airport that made me know I was home.

I recall the joy that filled my heart when I saw my mum waiting outside.

I recall telling myself I had made the right choice to return home.

I recall not having any sleep at all that morning.

I recall getting ready a few hours later to go register for NYSC.

I recall wishing I had stayed back.

I recall the frustration.

I recall the queues.

I recall more frustration.

I recall wishing I had stayed back.

I recall the end of the registration 2 days later.

I recall NYSC Camp – All 3 weeks of it – the horror.

I recall wishing I had stayed back.

I recall still anticipating the real world.

I recall my Primary Assignment.

I recall telling myself this wasn’t the real world yet.

I recall days of uncertainty about life and future plans

I recall believing it would be better afterwards.

I recall concluding NYSC.

I recall my joy to be done with ‘NYSC Stress’.

I recall looking forward to those few months of freedom before getting a proper job.

I recall not getting those months of freedom.

I recall getting a part time job instead.

I recall praying and crying for a new job.

I recall the countless job applications.

I recall getting a new job a few months later.

I recall my uncertainty.

I recall my gratitude.

I recall starting a new phase.

I recall learning.

I am here now…

I recall the journey getting here.

I recall crying in the bathroom a few minutes ago hoping and praying that this wasn’t the real world.

I recall a conversation with my friend afterwards.

I recall realizing I could no longer postpone the real world.

I have come to realize that the ‘real world’ isn’t some mystery land sitting somewhere in the future waiting for you to come to it. The real world is now! You must take care of yourself now. Work with what you have now for no matter what it is, it is a gift. Life is hope and since you have life, you must live. I’m not saying you should settle. I don’t believe in settling, I believe we all have the right to be happy. But we have to make it happen. Don’t waste time now waiting for tomorrow. Deal with today so that you can spend tomorrow doing the things that you love.

Life isn’t always going to be rosy but we have to make it work. If you must do something that makes you unhappy just so you can survive, be diligent in it (as long as it isn’t something illegal or something that causes harm to another person). Then you can find something else to do on the side that makes you happy even if all you get from it is satisfaction.

Satisfaction is necessary.

We realize it more as we grow.

Write soon! xx

2 thoughts on “…journey to the ‘real world’

  1. Nice one….

    I recall my best friend shutting me out of her life.

    I recall missing her each n everyday… Wishing she would just call me.

    I recall my decision to let her go…

    Cos I realise people change n grow apart.

    But she’ll always be in my heart.


  2. This is just my life you wrote down. Every single bit… Being waiting for the real world or better yet that dream world I would like but truth is one has to create the world they want to live in, work hard to try and be where they want to be. Life is happening now.

    Liked by 1 person

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