A Decision to Love

A Decision to Love

Lately I’ve been fascinated about marriage (maybe I’m getting to that age – lol). But it has been really interesting gathering different people’s perspective on the issue of marriage.

Funny enough, marriage is made to look like a chore by a lot of people and you start to wonder why people still push towards it and even those people that complain vehemently about the woes of marriage are the major advocates for marriage.

What is so special about this institution of marriage that everyone (and their grandma) wants to fly into it?

I have LOADS of questions about marriage like: “How do you know he’s the one?”“How do you know when you are ready to settle down?”“How do fight against choosing the wrong person?”“How do you prepare yourself to live with and tolerate one person for the rest of your life?”, and many more questions… I always wondered; did people have the answers to all these questions before deciding to say ‘I do’? Probably not.

This piece is going to focus on the last question – How do you prepare yourself to live with and tolerate one person for the rest of your life?

I found a beautiful answer I want to share – Marriage is making a decision every second, every minute, every hour, every day to love your partner even when that person seems unlovable. Loving the person beyond their mistakes, beyond their excesses, even when you don’t feel like it.

What more could it be? – we all know that marriage isn’t rosy all the time and that there are days when you would feel like walking away from it all. But you have to make that conscious effort, that decision, a choice to love even when all else fails.

I’m not married yet but I believe in this answer because I know that a foundation built on love is not easily broken.

This answer isn’t a cheat for marriage, it isn’t a way to make it easier; it is simply a guide. We have to build that discipline to make this decision as often as we need to, to love our partners even in the hardest of times.

Love is powerful! Think about the Love of God – Amazing!

Write soon! xx

One thought on “A Decision to Love

  1. The question you focused on has always been my issue with marriage. Sometimes I wonder if such a person I’m willing to go through that for and vice versa is out there.


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