Are you ‘happy’?

Are you ‘happy’?

When the song: ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ is sung and people respond with claps, do they mean it or do they just do it because it is the appropriate response? I’m sure no one ever really put that much thought into it to be honest. I mean if that song was sung here right now I’d probably clap … but am I happy? *pensive* I’m not sure.

I started this little project on my own a while ago. Here’s what I did: I would be having random conversations with my friends and then in the middle, I would just stop and ask – ‘are you happy?’ All the times I did it, I never got a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer but the responses and reactions were amazing. They would usually have a look that said: ‘wth?’ Some would say “I don’t know” or the popular ones – “How do you mean?”, “In what context?”, or “Do you mean now or generally?” 

LoL! Interesting stuff!

But I guess in their defense the question was quite vague and did come up quite abruptly – but still, the responses were very interesting.

I am sure that if I had asked a question like “Are you hungry?” despite it being abrupt, I most likely would have gotten some straightforward answers :p.

I’m not entirely sure what I wanted to get from this project but it was interesting to note that there were no straight forward answers to this question.

So why am I writing all this?

I guess I have always wondered what the answer to the question: “Are you happy?” was. You can sort of tell from the name of my space –hehe!

My friend asked me that question earlier this morning (it wasn’t abrupt. It was spun out of a related conversation), and my response was and is still “I don’t know”. When I told him I didn’t know he said something interesting. He said: “Your heart always knows the answer to that question”. I was taken aback.

I began to question: Had I all this time just let my “right thinking mind” overshadow the response of my heart to this and many other questions like it? Or was my heart just as unsure as my mind was?

Are we ever aware who’s responding when we are asked questions that deal with ‘matters of the heart’? , Do we choose whose response to listen to or does the stronger vessel just speak out louder?

He advised me to take some time and ask myself deeply what the answer to that question was and that if I genuinely wanted to know, I would get the answer.

I took some time before I did it – because quite frankly, I was scared that the response would be “no”.

But isn’t it better to find out what the answer is so that we can take steps to change it to the response we want.

When I eventually did do it, I tell you it felt great. I didn’t get the answer to that particular question still but it did open up a new world to me – I spent some time asking my heart more questions and it was beautiful discovering answers from a different vessel.

So let me stop by saying here, do yourself a favor, take some time and ask your heart questions you thought you didn’t know the answer to. You’d be grateful you did.

Still on the search for happiness though!

Write soon! xx

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