Welcome to my little space! Don’t think I want to call it a blog just yet … coz I’m not sure if I’m actually going to be doing ‘bloggish’ things (not sure what those tings are) so I’m sticking to the word space. But anywayyyy… It’s been a long time coming – starting this space and I’m happy it’s finally started; hence the post title, ‘Finally..’.

I had always wanted to write. Not sure what I wanted to write about but I have loved the idea that you could just take a pen, or in this case, a keyboard and just pour your feelings out in words. Its amazing how many words pop out when you start to write – all the feelings and emotions you thought you couldn’t explain suddenly start to come together and form pages on paper.

I believe writing is a true gift. A way to express, explain and escape.

I wouldn’t say I have a particular gift for writing but I think everyone could write if they wanted to (correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway its a beautiful escape that I’m extremely excited about.

Okay so the name of my blog, not sure if I have to explain it… maybe later – okay so basically this name popped in my head one day and it’s sort of just been there ever since :). I’ll probably write a post later about how/why the phrase ‘is happiness here yet?’ “popped in my head.

With this space I’m going to be sharing experiences, theories, stories and all the works – basically anything! I want to tell stories. I want to inspire people. I want people to connect with the issues of life. I want people to know that they are not alone.

I hope I can do some bits or all of these through this space. I pray for the grace of God to see me through.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions – I’m looking forward to this journey.

Write soon! xx

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