Let’s be honest, we are all hiding behind masks (no pun intended with the current pandemic)

We are all hiding behind masks

Some more than others

Picture scenes from a Scooby-Doo episode where the meddling kids take off masks to reveal a Villain

We are all hiding behind masks, not necessarily as Villains

Some masks never come off

Some masks come off with diverse repercussions

Some masks come off only in the dark and then come back on again in the light

Some masks come off only in trustworthy places

But we are all hiding behind masks

There’s fear masked by nastiness

There’s pain masked by comedy

There’s insecurity masked by tyranny

There’s timidity masked by loudness

There’s abandonment issues masked by coldness

There’s loneliness masked by addiction

There’s the feeling of inadequacy masked by over-working

There’s beauty masked by pain

There’s talent masked by timidity

There’s potential masked by insecurity

There’s who you are masked by who people expect you to be

There is a lot we do not see under masks.

Some have layers; you take off one mask and you see another

Some have so many layers; only someone invested in getting to the core, the original, the real; only that someone get’s to uncover what’s behind the mask

Some have layers so bad that they’ve wheeled themselves to a place where the real them no longer exists

Some have layers they want to rip off so desperately but do not feel comfortable enough to

But we are all hiding behind masks

Sometimes we ignore what’s behind the mask because;

…we do not think there is anything there

…we do not want to know what’s behind it

…we feel there is no justification for an ugly mask

But we are all hiding behind masks

If you think about it

If you are true to yourself and the mask(s) you wear

You will agree that it is important to be kind

There are tears behind those masks

There are scars behind those masks

Sometimes there is a whole being missing behind a mask

Be kind