I’m thinking…

I’m thinking…

I’m thinking I should know by now

I’m thinking this shouldn’t be by now

I’m wondering why

I’m wondering when

I’m wondering how

I’m wondering who

I’m wondering what

I’m wondering

My mind is on a constant roller coaster

I’m in a constant state of confusion

I’m overwhelmed

I’m underwhelmed

I’m tired – I shouldn’t be

I’m energetic – I don’t know what to do with it

I’m stressed – I haven’t been doing anything

I’m scared – not sure why

I’m angry – mostly at myself

I’m cranky – probably be

I’m hungry – I just ate

I’m drowning – I can swim

I’m cold – I have a jacket on

I’m hot – Its freezing here

I’m tired – I don’t want to be

I’m tired – It’s hard not to be.

Write soon xx


Brilliant Poem by a 14 Year Old – On Contentment

Brilliant Poem by a 14 Year Old – On Contentment

I was reading about contentment on bible.org – a website I absolutely love by the way. A website I would recommend to anyone looking to really study the word of God and find out different interpretations of bible passages.

It’s an absolutely brilliant site.

Anyway I was reading about contentment – a topic I am deeply fascinated about and always interested in discussing.

How nothing is ever enough…

How the search for more begs the question about whether we’re greedy, selfish, ungrateful or just “go getters”.

Here’s the beautiful poem a wise 14 year old wrote:

Title: Present Tense

It was spring, but it was summer I wanted—

The warm days and the great outdoors.

It was summer, but it was fall I wanted—

The colorful leaves and the cool, dry air.

It was fall, but it was winter I wanted—

The beautiful snow and the joy of the holiday season.

It was winter, but it was spring I wanted—

The warmth and the blossoming of nature.

I was a child, but it was adulthood I wanted—

The freedom and the respect.

I was twenty, but it was thirty I wanted—

To be mature and sophisticated.

I was middle-aged, but it was twenty I wanted—

The youth and the free spirit.

I was retired, but it was middle-age I wanted—

The presence of mind without limitations.

My life was over—but I never got what I wanted!

Apt! Isn’t  it?

Write soon! xx

That fairy tale love

That fairy tale love

I’ve been listening to and falling in love with Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran’s song – “I was made for loving you”

The lyrics to that song as so simple yet so deep (you may not think so)

Anyway I think the song is absolutely beautiful

Then I got to thinking  about the way love is depicted in movies and songs of this kind

Why is it only applicable in the movies

Why is it too much to ask

Anyway I don’t think it has to be

I’m delusional right?

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Why do you love me?

Why do you love me?

It’s hard enough to say “I love you”

Harder to think of why we love a person

Harder still to have to explain it

It’s magical when someone tells us they love us


It gives the sense that the certain person has chosen us out of many to express this distinct feeling

It makes us feel special

Don’t deny it, it does.

But when we say we love someone, do we know why?

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